22nd March 2017

Acoustic Panels Installed In Painter Hall

The Village Hall Management Committee are very pleased to announce the installation of brand new acoustic panels in the Painter Hall.

These state of the art panels are designed to absorb unwanted noise - like voice echoes and background noise - and will make music sound clearer, whether it's a playlist or a live band!

As you can see from the pictures these are also aesthetically pleasing!

9th July 2016

Andover Town Band music to Celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday

On a warm Saturday evening in Chilbolton, led by Steve Large the 25-strong Andover Town Band our guests were treated to a medley of tunes.

From The White Cliffs of Dover to the rousing beat of We Will Rock You there was music for all to enjoy.

In between the tunes we were treated to tales and anecdotes from Steve Large, keeping all amused as the band prepared for more.

Ending with a loud and enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday the band were then kept on for an encore ... or two.

Overall it was a highly entertaining evening from an enthusiastic, professional and above all talented group.

Everybody agreed it was a fantastic event which we hope to soon repeat!

27th February 2016

Jumble Sale

Another successful year holding our Jumble Sale in the village hall.  Throughout the afternoon we saw high numbers of visitors coming along to browse and buy goods ranging from clothes, to books, DVDs, bric-a-bric, toys and general household.


A huge thank you to all those who came to help sort, sell and buy, including, in no particular order: Lesley and her daughter, Dawn, Val, Marion, Annette, Liz, Julie, Debbie, Wendy, Jo, Mary, Cynthia, Diana and Gill and Alex from Andover – apologies to anyone I might have missed. 

We made over £700, which is a magnificent total and a great village effort!

Rest assured the money will be well spent on improving your Hall.

We hope to see you all again at the next Jumble Sale.

5th July 2015

Chilbolton Village Hall gets a new emergency generator thanks to donation from energy company.

The village of Chilbolton has been given a helping hand from Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) to bolster its defences in the face of storms, floods and other emergencies. 

Chilbolton Village Hall is receiving a grant of £10,000 from SEPD’s Resilient Communities Fund to pay for a back-up electricity generator and other essential equipment to be used during emergencies. The money is from the electricity network operator’s new Resilient Communities Fund, designed to help local groups improve the ability of their towns and villages to withstand extreme weather events. 

As the village hall is the focal point for the local community, it has been chosen as an official rest centre as part of its emergency planning strategy. In addition to purchasing a back-up generator, fridge and oven to help provide hot food and drinks in the hall, the money will also be used to buy a and install a telephone land line.

Chilbolton Village Hall chairman, Tony Ewer said the grant from SEPD is going to make a huge difference to all of the local residents. “Our village hall is the focal point for everyone in the village, and so it makes sense for it to also be the home for our new kit. It’s so important to be able to offer warmth and hot food in a dry and comfortable environment during an emergency, and the generator, oven and fridge will really help us to do this.

“The cost of buying all of this equipment was beyond our limited budget, and so when we heard about Southern Electric Power Distribution’s Resilient Communities Fund we knew that it was something we had to look into. Everyone involved in our application is over the moon that we’ve received the funding.”

Stuart Hogarth, Director of Distribution for SEPD said that the Resilient Communities Fund was all about strengthening the company’s links with its customers: “This application really sums up the community spirit we’re looking for, and I think it’s fantastic to see customers dedicated to working together to help each other in times of crisis and emergencies. While we can’t control the weather, what we can all do is plan for when conditions turn nasty, and so I’m really pleased that the people of Chilbolton are going to benefit from this donation.”

SEPD established its Resilient Communities Fund to help local communities plan for and cope with emergency events, such as gale force winds, floods and power cuts caused by extreme weather events. The deadline for the second round of applications is 25 September 2015, and community groups across central southern England can apply for grants between £500 and £20,000. For more information on application criteria, visit www.ssepd.co.uk/resiliencefund